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dear game-stoppers

it is come to my attention that the business known to most as "former funcoland" and known to the rest as "gamestop" is in the midst of making a really stupid business decision! the are discontinuing the trade and sales of our beloved classic videogames i.e. nes, snes, Sdc, and quite possibly ps1, this i feel is a bad move because for over 5 years now funcoland has been the leading provider of classic hardware and software not only are they the most dependable source, it was the only source i ever used! i don't know what else t say, i'm all in tears now... this is a verry up setting time for me...they sell the modern videogame software for un reasionable prices, why would i not go to target toys"r"us or meijer and get finalfantasy CC there for cheeper, with my employee discount?
friends hear my cry , and lend yuour support!!!
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