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Gamestop Lj style

Gamestop, the way you want it.

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This is a community for saying how much you like video games and for trading them also. Quizes are ok and so are trades. Just make sure that you are not offending anyone by doing something that you know you shouldn't be.

Do what you would like just make sure it is polite.

Please be reasonable with your offers/trades/auctions.

Don't forget this is your community also, hence the title of it being a community. Have fun and if you have any suggestions please contact me on AIM at PoppinpillsZorza.

I am not responsible for any trades that I do not do and cannot be held liable for any trades that go wrong. However if there is an unfair trader please make a post about it and I will banned them from the community. This community is meant for getting those rare games and systems that you want. Have fun and good luck.

Also no affiliated with Gamestop games.